Association Descriptions

Amenities for Associations


These are "on the mountain"

Mountain Club – Indoor & outdoor pool game room, weight room, in & outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, racquetball, tennis courts, basketball.  Located right on the slopes.  This is a quartershare... but you can buy whole units.  Very pricey in terms of the dues etc... but the location is hard to beat.


Base Area Properties  - All of these are in the base area – meaning after you cross the bridge at Loon - Ramshorn, Beechwood, Riverglade, Loonwood, Loonbrook, Westwood, Kernwood, Kanc and the Pemi all may join the Mountain Club.  There is an on mountain shuttle... and each associaition has nuances.  There are also a lot of single family homes in this area as well.


The first 3 are Planned Unit Developments... better known as PUDs.  the overall list is grouped in rough order as to where they are in relation to the ski area.  In all cases the associations take care of snow removal up to the entrance of the units.  they also provide landscaping and clean up... and most provide trash removal and of course... plowing.  Most provide shuttle service but we always want to check.


Clearbrook – Club is available by unit membership at the Village of Loon Swim & Tennis Club Shuttle bus.  Dues include painting and staining approximately ever 5 years.


Coolidge Falls – Club is available by unit membership at the Village of Loon Swim & Tennis Club - Shuttle bus.  Magnificent views of the Loon Ski Area.


Village of Loon – Club is available by unit membership at the Village of Loon Swim & Tennis Club - 7 day a week shuttle bus.. Village of Loon Swim & Tennis Club has 2 Indoor pools, 2 outdoor pools, Jacuzzis, sauna, weight room, game room, outside tennis courts.   It is an extra charge and is not automatically included in your association fees


The next grouping are condos..... meaning that the association takes care of the outside of the building. There are also some amenities that may vary from one to the other.


Riverfront - These are what we call "Garden Style"... meaning each unit is on one level.  There are 2 and 3 bedroom models.  The association provides cable TV and firewood.  Shuttle is included and there are 2 outdoor pools.  These are located on the river for summer fun


Forest Ridge – indoor and outdoor pool steam room, Small rec room, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, basketball and shuttle bus.  Units are from 2 bedroom townhouses ... up to 4 bedroom units.  There are also some garden units.  Some firewood is included and the units are heated with propane... making the heating costs as a rule very economical.


Lincoln Station – Indoor & outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, small game room, tennis courts. Shuttle bus. On the river for summer use as well.  Very handy to walk to some restaurants.  Very kid friendly grounds.  cable TV is included.


Lodge at Lincoln Station – Indoor & outdoor pool, game room, tennis courts and shuttle bus. On the river for summer use as well.  easy walk to other amenities.  Smaller units though.  Very small kitchens.  No fireplaces... but the units are varied in size.  These are great for smaller families.


Nordic Inn – Small outdoor pool, game room, exercise room, shuttle bus.  It is set up as a condo hotel.  Central hallways.  Good square footage for the money and location.


Rivergreen, Fairways and the Links - A lot of folks don't even know these exist.. but they are on the left and right as you approach the S. Mountain Bridge.  - Rivergreen put in a new clubhouse and allows the other two associations to join at a nominal fee.  They all have a great river location.  Shuttle is provided.. and each one has some variations in the amenities


The next grouping are condos..... They are on the West side of I-93.


Deer Park – Indoor pool, weight room, game room and shuttle bus. The most extensive club facility in the area – 5 acre lake for summer use with beach – Private shuttle.  There are sub associations so we would need to fine tune for you the different features.


Alpine Village – No clubhouse – may join the Mt. Club – private shuttle – Close to Cascades Park on the river for summer use.  Very reasonable condo fees.  An easy walk to downtown North Woodstock for family activities and very close to the Cascades Park which is situated in and around the Pemi River


Miscellaneous Associations are :

Lincoln Schoolhouse,  Mountain View , Mansion Hill,  Notchview, Lincoln Woods, Loon Valley and a few others.  Let me know what you need and I can recommend certain ones.